What is ReadyShare?

ReadyShare is an image hosting service in High Impact eMail that allows users to easily and compatibly insert images in their HTML emails.

Every High Impact eMail user receives free web space for their images & documents with no strings attached for life.

But ReadyShare isnt just web space. Its a streamlined way of resizing an image, uploading the image, and referencing the image for email. Without High Impact eMail and ReadyShare it would take 3 programs (photo editor, FTP, HTML Editor) to do what ReadyShare can do in three simple steps.

ReadyShare & High Impact eMail

High Impact eMail High Impact eMail is an easy and affordable way for small businesses to take advantage of email marketing. The program provides thousands of studio-quality HTML email marketing, sales and prospecting templates allowing even the most novice computer users to send email with graphics, images, and hyperlinks.

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High Impact eMail and other small business software solutions are sold on TemplateZone has thousands of productivity templates for Microsoft Office including invoice templates, PowerPoint templates, and employee manual templates.

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Upgrade ReadyShare

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50MB $89.95 $124.95