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This one is amazing for musicians and singers -creates accompaniment with customizable chord charts by key, style and tempo. 



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NARM 2012 May 7-10

This year, NARM, the music business association, and digitalmusic.org, the virtual home of NARM’s digital initiatives, brought together more than 1,000 professionals from the commerce and content sectors of the music industry for Music Biz 2012 at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles. The event featured over 100 speakers from the highest levels of the music industry, and provided attendees with all the information needed to maximize current trends and increase sales.

With the current landscape changing so rapidly, the tone of the conference was notably upbeat. Notes, Jim Donio, President of NARM and digitalmusic.org,“the past year has given us many reasons to be excited about the future of the music business, and this convention provided the perfect forum for our attendees to see how they can maximize these possibilities in the year ahead.


Lionel Ritchie receiving Chairman's Award for Sustained Industry Achievement

The conference concluded with a Red Carpet Event and Awards Dinner Party with the likes of Brandy, Chris Allen, Katy Perry, and Lisa Marie Presley. Global superstar Katy Perry received the Artist of the Year Award, (and yes, she's articulate and funny!), and Lionel Richie received the Chairman’s Award for Sustained Industry Achievement.


 www.narm.com for more info



Tips from NARM 2012 - What you need to know about the Biz side of your music.


Measuring the Music - Managing & Monetizing

If you can't measure it, you probably can't manage it or make money from it. This was one of the central themes of the conference. The music business has been in this critical crossroads for a decade - seeking a new paradigm for revenue in the digital age. It's a big challenge. If you can't make money doing it, ultimately, it's not tenable as a career. 

Did you know that the music business has shrunk 60% since 2002? You may or may not be surprised at this statistic, but as a music content producer (singer, songwriter and everyone who works with them), you cannot ignore its impact, and the challenges the business side of the industry faces moving forward. This is what Pitbull mentioned on the Today Show recently -that although he loves the music- the industry is 99% business, 1% music. He and other artists use their brand in many ways to keep their career alive.

Artist Life Cycle & Monetizing Revenue

Colin Willis, Senior VP of Sales at Next Big Sound, mentioned considering (in terms of generating revenue) where an artist is in their artist life cycle. He explained that the cycle looks like this:

  • Awareness Phase
  • Engagement Phase
  • Revenue Phase

Jason Feinberg of Concord Music Group notes that watching how engagement leads to a transaction is paramount. Engagement leads consumers to "transact or not." An artist like Neil Young, for example, would have a different type of engagement with his target audience than would Lady Gaga and have correspondingly different revenue streams. Using demographic data to identify fans and their buying habits is one route to expanding and monetizing an artist's brand.

Music Discovery & Sales

The awareness phase of an artist's career has changed with lightening speed. In the age of YouTube, it is still a challenge to create a significant presence. Rob McDermott of Mad Mac Entertainment recommends evangelizing followers (fans) to promote the band or artist. Linkin Park, for example, rewarded fans for promoting and evangelizing them online and off. Jay Frank of DigSin gives singles away to promote artists. For him, "engagement means artist development."

Once you engage your fans, getting them to transact is the next big step. On the Internet and with apps, notes Vickie Nauman of 7digital, "ease of use is the single defining factor in sales." "Every additional click (you) lose 50% of consumers," adds Brian McNelis of Lakeshore Entertainment.

The challenge remains, but monetizing and marketing artist brand content and products (music, merch, etc...) requires resourcefulness, trail and error, and of course, creativity.

Tips from the Artists - Chris Allen (AI), Serj Tankian  (System of A Down), and More

I asked American Idol winner, Chris Allen, for some tips on his success and the competition itself. (Editor's Note: Idol auditions are this month- June.)

Chris Allen's Tips:

  • Choose the right song - the song is everything!
  • Play to your strengths and know your limitations.
  • Do what you do well.

Allen noted that, in order to position himself to win, he knew his limits and what not and what to compete with. He mentioned he's not a "big type" singer, so he had to play to his voice's natural strengths, and not be draw in to what might not work for his unique talent.

Serj Tankian

Many of my students ask about the venerable rock singer's signature sound - how he gets it, what he does, etc... I saw Tankian at NAMM a while back, but never got a chance to speak with him. At NARM, I finally did! Gracious, he told me that he had never taken lessons and said, smiling, "Don't do what I do (i.e. everything wrong)...smoke, drink a lot..." He did, however, show me what he does to get his sound. Here it is - he purses his lips together and puts his face in a shape as if you were inhaling on an whoo sound.


At the show, Brandy (here on the Red Carpet) and I spoke about vocal placement and preserving your instrument (like getting more mouth resonance). She now has a copy of Your New Best Friend Vocal Exercise CD (and you can, too!)

***Reprinted only with permission. All rights are reserved.


If you have questions or comments, please feel free to email me. Many of these tips can also be found in my book.

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Just Arrived!

Your New Best Friend Vocal Exercise CD is in the house!! It contains my favorite warm-ups, with audio and written instructions, and is just what you need to expand your range and build your voice.

You can order it by calling or emailing vocalcoach@teridanz.com. It's $20 for the CD ($22.00 with shipping).

The Book!

Vocal Essentials for the Pop Singer: Take Your Singing from Good to Great is a primer for pop vocalists everywhere. I now have copies available and you can order them through me and also at Hal Leonard and Amazon see below.

Teri Danz Performance Update

Teri Danz performing on PBS Show with Leeza Gibbons. Air date TBA. Thanks to Tommy Mora on guitar!


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$125 an hour, $65 a half-hour, and monthly packages are available at a substantial savings. Four one-hour lessons is $300 ($75 an hour). More packages and sliding scale available. If you truly want to improve your voice, ask! There are always possibilities.

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Testimonials available (see www.teridanz.com)


Teri Danz, Ed.M. is a recording artist, LA premier vocal, audition and performance coach with record credits, national press (Women Who Rock Magazine), a BA degree in Speech and a Master's in Education. Her act has PRO Endorsements by Sennheiser and Crate (Loud Technologies).

Credits include: 12" dance/club hit, BMI songwriter, songs in Indie films, Tower records in-stores, new acoustic recordings with Buddy Halligan (Barry White, Ray Charles, Anita Baker), student of Raz Kennedy (Bobby McFerrin, Counting Crows) and many others. Vocal producing/coaching clients include recording artists Jared Lee, Kara, Orson (signed in UK), Adam Bones, and many others. She received a nomination for Best Female Vocalist of the Year, All Access Music Awards 2005. Danz & TDB guitarist, Tim Weber, played the Mackie Booth at NAMM 2007 and the Sennheiser Booth in 2005.

Danz is a published author, having written articles for music magazines and websites. Her articles have appeared in Electronic Musician, LA.com, Roland and Boss Users Group Magazines, Guitar Player's Christian Guitar & Bass, and many more. Check out her articles in Music Connection Magazine and EQ Magazine under Techniques. Her book for Hal Leonard Corporation entitled Vocal Essentials for the Pop Singer: Take Your Singing From Good to Great is out now!



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Our mission is to inspire, enlighten, and provide the very best in content, resources, and professional advice on topics related to vocal performance to a global audience.  

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