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April Lesson Specials

$235 for four 45 min sessions

Special Introductory Lesson $50

You must sign up by April 4th (some restrictions apply)


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Please email me if you can say a few words about your experience. Also, you can post it on YELP!




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Vocal Tip:

  • You need a breathing technique if you are tired and out of breath when you sing.




The ASCAP "I CREATE MUSIC EXPO" is a national conference dedicated to songwriting and composing. This year, it's happening on April 22-24 at the Renaissance Hollywood Hotel in Los Angeles.Contact www.ascap.com

for more info & registration.

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For a complete listing, check out: http://openmikes.org/calendar/CA

Pig 'n Whistle

West Coast Songwriters Open Mike
Every Wednesday at 8pm
Hosted by Mike Rof

6714 Hollywood Blvd.
Hollywood, CA


Canter's Kibbitz Room 
Every Sunday at 8pm
Hosted by Sean

419 N. Fairfax
Los Angeles, CA


Karma Coffeehouse
Every Tuesday at 7pm
Hosted by Tony

1544 N. Cahuenga Blvd
Hollywood, CA 

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For Indie Artists & Bands, and Singer/Songwriters:


The grassroots Indie Music Festival is coming up on May 22 at The Music Box (Henry Fonda Theatre). A combination of festival and music showcase and competition, it's an annual especially for indie artists and musicians.


If you'd like to submit to the Indie Music Fest,  contact Jay at 818-505-1836 or at indiepower.com




Volume 93

          IN THIS ISSUE:


Breathing Tips -Signs that You Need a Technique and Some Basics 

Sennheiser USA Update  - New products evolution wireless G3 & try Sennheiser e965

New Class - Tuesday, April 13 at 8pm




 Breathing Tips 

 People contact me all the time with questions and problems with breathing. How can you tell if you need a breathing technique? Below are some common problems and some tips to get your breathing on track.  

Common Breathing Problems:

  • You expel air after the first word of the first phrase of a song. Then you are out of air for the rest of the phrase (or worse, the rest of the song).
  • You feel as if you can't breathe even though you have plenty of air-a sort of choking feeling.
  • You are exhausted after a phrase or song, and feel like you have to shout or push through the rest.
  • You have to push more and more to get less and less sound. (You can strain your vocal chords this way).
  • You push and expel more air to hit high notes (even if they sound strained).
  • End notes of phrases are always shaky- pitchy, unstable, or you always go into vibrato (ie. can't sustain the note).
  • Holding/sustaining notes is an effort (again vibrato as a default, not a choice).
  • Your recordings are uneven (i.e. in volume, pitch, flow of phrasing).

You may not think some of the above have to do with breathing, but they do. Your body and your voice are interconnected and linked. Think of your breath as a conduit, a channel, upon which the sound rides. Sound has energy; it also has direction (think of sonar waves in the water). Your breath is its vehicle. In order to support that energy, you need to hold on comfortably to a certain amount of air. If you expel most or all of it, you drain your body of its power to move the sound.

Here are some basic tips to get you started with a breathing technique.


  • Work with a coach to get a breathing technique. You'll get breathing exercises that help with stamina, control, and stability.
  • Always hold onto a comfortable amount of air when you sing. As a singer, you are never empty. Your voice needs constant support for stability.
  • Body stance is important in breathing. Make sure that your chest is up and your shoulders are back for best support.
  • Practice NOT EXPELLING your air. Unless you are going for a breathy vibe, you will get more sound with less effort by not expelling.
  • Don't pull the air into your throat and shoulders. This will make you feel choked or suffocated, and you will have to expel your air from the pressure.
  • Practice working with your body to see how much breath you need to support certain pitches and maintain an overall level of support. In certain parts of my own range, for example, even if I can hit the pitch, a fresh breath (before a high chorus) will make the note sound less strained.
  • Remember breathing is part of your performance.

Stamina-based breathing is what I use and the pro technique I've developed for singers.

Done correctly, you should get MORE warmed up as you sing. Great singing is like running- a steady stream of air and support that builds as you continue. This is the athlete part of being a singer and the basis of stamina-based breathing. Remember, being a singer is part artist and part athlete. If you forget or ignore the athlete part, your artistry suffers.

**This is an excerpt from Teri Danz's upcoming book Nail It Every Time: The Pro Singer's Guide to Everything Vocal with singing tips and more. Reprinted only with permission. All rights are reserved. More vocal tips are published on http://www.a2z-singing-tips.com

"My own personal commitment is to push my limits as an artist, express my heart, and mentor other artists, giving back what I have lived and learned through this journey."  -t :) 



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Introducing evolution wireless G3  - the third generation of Sennheiser's successful line of wireless microphones. Sennheiser's "evolution wireless" series of wireless microphone systems revolutionized the music industry over a decade ago with its reputation for quick, easy set-up and superb audio performance. The third generation, evolution wireless G3, introduces a whole new range of extras at attractive evolution prices, while remaining backwards compatible with previous generations of evolution wireless. The entry-level ew 100 G3 Series allows musicians, vocalists and presenters to achieve flawless sound with features normally reserved for systems at twice its price point.

News! I now have the Sennheiser e965 for you to try. This is the mic you've been waiting for. Please feel free to bring your current mic to a lesson - you can try out Sennheiser vocal mics and see the difference! Also, get them at Guitar Center and West LA Music as well.

**If you have a Sennheiser product or would like to thank them for their support, please let them know how it's working for you. Email me for contact info.

The Modern Vocalist (the modernvocalist.com)  is a sponsor of The Singer's Newsletter! 

This site is the ultimate resource site for vocalists. Sign up to become a member and part of the community. There are blogs (mine is www.themodernvocalist.com/teridanz), forums on every topic you can imagine, and resources. www.themodernvocalist.com

Teri Danz News:

New Article: Coming out in EQ Magazine on Recording Vocals.

Book Update:

New Title Updated

My book with Hal Leonard has a new name(again!). The new title is VOCAL ESSENTIALS for the POP SINGER: Take Your Singing from Good to Great.

How cool is that? It has an accompanying CD as well.

New Blog

Check out my blog


Check out my blog on themodernvocalist.com/teridanz

Also, I'll be recording my own Warm-up/Exercise CD for students so expect that coming up. 

Check out some of the new tunes on www.myspace.com/divateridanz 

-teri  :) 


Cool Things: Performing Opportunities


Resources: Vocal, Health & Style 

l Vocal Health: If you're having vocal problems (including acid reflux, congestion, etc...), please contact Dr. Randoff Schnitman at 310-275-5432 and mention Teri Danz and The Singer's Newsletter. Dr. Schnitman is the vocal doctor to the stars (Mariah Carey, John Rzeznik to name a few). He is awesome!

Singers are athletes: If you're having trouble standing up straight or holding your chest up, alternative health methods do work. Dr Brandon Takahashi has a life saver for me and below is a free exam card. his office number is 310-445-1050.



l Scott Parker, hairdresser to the stars (and me, too!) is now offering specials to Singer's Newsletter's readers. Not only is he amazing with color, cut, and (of course) curly hair, he was the resident stylist for IRS records (The Police), many rockers (including Rodney) and his celeb clients include Marcia Cross (Desperate Housewives, Melrose Place) and many others. Call him directly at 310-765-0315 for a consultation/appointment. 


Vocal Class/Workshop:  March Class

Class Description: Whether you're a natural singer, a singer/songwriter, a musician who sings back-up, or a closet singer, this class is for you! If you have some vocal technique or none, learn to use your body as an instrument from a pro recording artist and vocal coach. Have fun & get the basics of breathing, stamina, and vocal technique.

The class will focus on all aspects of basic vocal technique from breathing to pitch control, singing as a group and harmony. Beginners welcome.

Next class is Tuesday, April 13 at 8pm.

$35 for the class, $110 for 4 classes.

Please preregister through Paypal.

Call Teri at One World Music for info/registration 310-281-1856. Please include a current phone # and best time to reach you.




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Individual Vocal Lessons:

Pitch problems, breathing, stamina? Great singers have a technique that supports their talent. Learn from a pro and get a technique that really works. The difference is in the training. Learn to use your body as an instrument. Expand your talent, and get the chops you need for the next step in your career. Artists to beginners welcome. Learn basics and get your voice in shape for your band, demo/recording, audition, or upcoming gig! Studio vocal production, studio/live coaching also available. 

Rates: Rates are $125 an hour, $65a half-hour, and discount monthly packages are available at a substantial savings. On a monthly basis, four 40 min lessons is $240 and four one-hour lessons is $300 ($75 an hour). More packages available. Also, I have openings for students on a sliding scale. If you truly want to work on your voice, there are always possibilities. Please call 310-281-1856 for more info and to discuss what works best for you.


  • "Teri Danz has proven to be a strong force on the LA music scene. A brilliant songwriter and well-known as teaching mastermind, if you want to pursue a singing career - Teri will get you there. Now her amazing talent can be shared with the masses. Do yourself a favor, and listen to what she has to offer." -Monte Pittman, Madonna's guitarist and guitar teacher, Prong guitarist, former Teri Danz Band fill-in guitarist
  • "The real world experience of Teri Danz both on stage and in the studio is vast. When working with her in the studio, her vocal expertise, love of music and her dedication shine through.  Beware: Teri's enthusiasm and creativity are  infectious." -Buddy Halligan, Chief Audio Engineer - USC School of Cinematic Arts, Recording engineer for Ray Charles, Barry White, Anita Baker, Diane Schurr and Steven Stills
  • "If you're a professional in the music business then you know the importance of having a great support team. Teri has provided that for artists I have worked with and the results have proven that she knows how to guide a vocalist to give their best performance, in the studio as well as live. Having the benefit of her knowledge and experience can move you forward in finding your voice."-Matt Forger, Producer/Engineer/Mixer (engineer/production team for Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney)
  • "Teri is definitely the best vocal coach ever! She taught me how to sing on a whole new level, which is being able to sing on a professional level. She helped me find my voice and have full control over it technically and emotionally.  I'm also growing and evolving as an artist with Teri. She is truly an inspiration!! Thanks Teri!!  -Kara, Recording Artist


    "Teri is a coach who really knows her stuff, she showed me vocal techniques I didn't even know existed. I recommend her to any professional or hobbyist." Yogi, singer/songwriter  

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**Please check our myspace page for updates, booking changes etc... www.myspace.com/teridanzband

News: Tim Weber and I have parted ways after 5 years. He is a great artist and amazing musician. I wish him all the best and every success!!

Crate (Loud Technologies) and Sennheiser are band endorsers/sponsors as is Guitar Center for all of our festival and large events.

What They're Saying:

"Teri Danz is a club owner's dream band. They not only bring a hardy crowd of their own, but they can win over any audience with their infectious tunes and engaging performance. But don't miss out! I suspect that it will not be long before they are snatched up by a major booking agency, and that very soon they will not be playing in clubs anymore." - Ian Copeland, Music Agent (The Police, Sting), Owner, Backstage Cafe

"I'm always impressed with the heart and soul Teri and the band put into their performances, both on record and on stage. TDB shows are always chock full of the kind of emotion and sincerity that's infectious and inspiring. I wish all artists worked it as hard and cared as much." -Mike Moore, Music Connection

"Teri Danz rocks the house at Tower on Sunset! Great band, great stage presence, good marketing! Positive, upbeat, dynamic with untapped energy, Danz and her band seek to be larger than life and succeed." -Jay Smith, General Manager, Tower Records Sunset

"Teri Danz and Sennheiser are a perfect marriage of artist and product. Performing in our booth at last year's NAMM Show, Danz and TDB guitarist, Tim Weber, played a passionate and inspired set. Their talent, mastery, artistic vision, and great songs make them artists to see and be seen. We are pleased to have them on our roster." Greg Beebe, Vice President, Sennheiser Electronic Corporation



Teri Danz, Ed.M. is a pro recording artist vocal, audition and performance coach with record credits, national press (Women Who Rock Magazine), a degree in Speech and a Master's in Education. Her act has PRO Endorsements by Sennheiser and Crate (Loud Technologies).

Credits include: 12" dance/club hit, BMI songwriter, songs in Indie films, Tower records in-stores, new acoustic recordings with Buddy Halligan (Barry White, Ray Charles, Anita Baker), student of Raz Kennedy (Bobby McFerrin, Counting Crows) and many others. Vocal producing/coaching clients include recording artists Kara, Brian Anthony, Orson (signed in UK) and many others. She received a nomination for Best Female Vocalist of the Year, All Access Music Awards 2005. Danz & TDB guitarist, Tim Weber, played the Mackie Booth at NAMM 2007 and the Sennheiser Booth in 2005.

Danz is a published author, having written articles for music magazines and websites. Her articles have appeared in Electronic Musician, LA.com, Roland and Boss Users Group Magazines, Guitar Player's Christian Guitar & Bass, and many more. Check out her article on Road Hazards for Singers in Music Connection Magazine September 2009.

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For Info: One World Music  310-281-1856 cybergrl@earthlink.net